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Used Car Guarantee | Kettering & Northampton | Richard Sanders


Richard Sanders Ltd will adhere to the following terms and conditions where any claim is presented to the Used Car Guarantee.

Please refer to your policy for details for the Guarantee term, mileage and claim limits.

Please keep your guarantee policy, as this will be required to process any claims.



  1. This guarantee is supplied with the intention of providing you the customer with additional protection on your purchase. In the event that any item excluded or not otherwise covered by this guarantee may develop a fault, you may still be entitled to claim under your statutory rights. In the event of any such failure please contact the Supplying Dealer. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  2. This guarantee is not transferable to other owners or vehicles unless agreed in writing with the Supplying Dealer.
  3. The Guarantee Holder cannot cancel this guarantee.
  4. Vehicle recovery is excluded.



  1. The Supplying Dealer undertakes, subject to these terms and conditions to carry out the repairs (or reimburse expenses incurred if agreed) in making good mechanical failure of the parts covered by the guarantee.
  2. The list of parts covered by the guarantee is as recovered on the guarantee proposal form.
  3. The maximum liability per claim is recorded on the guarantee proposal form. The cost of the repairs shall not in total exceed the liability claim. There is no limit to the number of claimable occurrences, save the total value of claims throughout the period of the guarantee shall not exceed the retail value of the vehicle.
  4. The Supplying Dealer`s obligations under this guarantee will run from the date of the sale for the time period / mileage recorded on the guarantee proposal form.
  5. The Supplying Dealer shall be released from all liabilities and obligations under this guarantee if the terms and conditions of the guarantee are not complied with.
  6. The Supplying Dealer will be released from all liability should it be discovered that the odometer has been fraudulently disconnected or tampered with.
  7. The Supplying Dealer reserves the right to specify the use of guaranteed reconditioned or exchanged parts. Liability for parts to be limited to the cost of these items.



  1. The vehicle must be maintained in line with the Manufacturers recommended service schedule. A maximum allowance of 500 miles or 28 days either side of the stipulated mileage or time is permitted.
  2. To take reasonable care of the vehicle in particular to carry out usual driver checks and maintenance.



  1. This guarantee does not cover.
  2. Vehicles used in any sort of competitions, racing, track days, hire, reward, gain, self-drive hackney carriage, taxi work or for commercial travelling.
  3. Normal service parts such as tyres, filters, spark plugs, fan belts, exhausts etc.
  4. Any defect resulting in whole or in part from unsatisfactory, improper or unauthorised work, or by the fitting of replacement parts, experimental units or modifications other than those approved by the vehicle Manufacturer.
  5. Defects caused by accidental damage, misuse, neglect, external sources or failure of any item not covered by this guarantee.
  6. Any defect drawn to the customers attention in existence prior to the commencement of this guarantee or occurring during the Manufacturers own guarantee period, items subject to recall by the Manufacturer for repair or replacement or any claim resulting from Manufacturing defect or faulty design.
  7. Consequential loss or damage of any kind.
  8. Body panels paint and interior trim, door and boot locks, petrol tanks, glass of any description.
  9. Electric Vehicles - Electric Vehicles (Traction) Battery (EVB) or all associated charging components.



  1. In the event of an occurrence giving rise to a claim the defect must be reported to the Supplying Dealer as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days of the occurrence.
  2. All repairs must be authorised by the supplying dealer before any work is carried out. Unauthorised work is not covered by this guarantee.
  3. The Supplying Dealer reserves the right to subject the vehicle and/or damaged parts to expert assessment and the decision of the appointed assessor be final and binding on both parties.
  4. All parts replaced during the course of the repair become the property of the Supplying Dealer.
  5. Where the dealer has agreed to work being carried out elsewhere, payment will only be made on production of the relevant receipted invoice.
  6. All matters relating to an event giving rise to a claim must be included in a single claim.




Actual breaking or burning out of any of the components listed.



The mileage recorded on the odometer at the time of purchase. This should not be considered as giving any indication of the miles covered by the vehicle.



The maximum amount inclusive of VAT payable on any one claimable occurrence.



  1. Contact the Supplying Dealer and arrange a mutually convenient time for your vehicle to be examined.
  2. The Supplying Dealer will confirm if the fault(s) are covered by your guarantee and arrange the appropriate course of action.
  3. If the Supplying Dealer agrees to the work being carried out by a nominated repairer, take your vehicle to the nominated repairer and obtain a written estimate of the repair cost. The written estimate must be forwarded to the Supplying Dealer immediately.
  4. The authority to dismantle any part(s) must be given by the guarantee holder to the repairer. On acceptance of the claim the Supplying Dealer will reimburse the Guarantee holder with the dismantling cost as part of the total claim up to the claim limit indicated on the proposal form. However of on dismantling the Supplying Dealer finds out that it has no liability then the Warranty holder must bear the cost of any work carried out.
  5. Any costs in excess of the claim limit are the Guarantee holder’s liability. In the event of any doubt as to liability, the Supplying Dealer reserves the right to submit the vehicle for expert independent inspection.
  6. Where repairs are not carried out by the Supplying Dealer or an authorized repairer it becomes the Guarantee holder’s responsibility to pay for all work carried out on the vehicle. You may then submit the claim to the Supplying Dealer for authorisation as detailed below.



You must contact the Supplying Dealer before any work is carried out.



On completion of the authorised repairs a full detailed invoice (listing parts, labour and VAT) must be submitted. Indicate clearly to whom payment is too made. If Service proof is needed you must include all the original invoices for services and the dealer stamped service booklet.



If the Guarantee holder is VAT registered the VAT element will not form any part of any claim against the Supplying Dealer.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the guarantee being fully complied with, the items specifically listed below will be covered against Mechanical Breakdown.



Rocker assembly including rockers, valves (Excluding burnt valves), springs and guides, cylinder head (Excluding cracks) and gasket, push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, chains and belts (providing proof of manufacturers recommendations for changed is supplied), oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, gudgeon pins, crankshaft and crankshaft bearings, flywheel and ring gear.



Failure of the following internal mechanical parts – Gears, synchromesh hubs, selectors, shafts, bearings and bushes, (Excluding transfer gears).



Failure of the following internal mechanical parts – Shafts, gears (Excluding transfer gears), clutches, brake bands, valve block, valves, governor oil pump, bearings and bushes, servo.



Failure of any internal mechanical parts.



Failure of internal mechanical parts, Clutches, planetary gears, reduction gears, shafts, variable pulleys, thrust link drives, internal seals, bushes and bearings.



Failure of the following internal mechanical parts, Crown wheel and pinion, differential unit, gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers and spacers.



Mechanical breakdown of the centre plate, pressure plate, operating cable, master and slave cylinder, clutch release fork and release bearing (Excluding general wear and tear), (oil contamination claims, centre plate only)



Drive shafts including constant velocity joints, wheel bearing (drive axle), universal joints (Excluding gaiters, rubber drive couplings, hub disc assembly and wheel bearings).



Half shafts, rear wheel drive external drive shafts including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings (Excluding gaiters), wheel bearings (drive axle).



Failure of the propshaft including universal joints, couplings and bearings



Water pump, oil cooler, viscous fan coupling, thermostat, thermostat housing, air conditioning pump.


TURBO CHARGER (Where fitted by the Manufacturer)

The turbo unit is covered only if agreed, and if the additional charge has been paid (see Proposal form)


FUEL SYSTEM (Petrol / Diesel)

Carburettor, fuel pump, tank sender unit, fuel injector pressure regulator, fuel injection pump, electronic injector sensors, fuel injectors, electronic fuel control unit.



Coil springs


STEERING (Including PAS)

Steering rack and pinion (Excluding gaiters), steering box, idler box, power steering rack and pump.



Brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, servo, restrictor valve, brake callipers, compensator and servo assistance unit. ABS systems.



Starter motor and solenoid, pre-engagement mechanism, bendix drive, alternator coil, regulator, indictor flasher relay, front windshield wiper and washer motors, electronic ignition module, distributor, electronic spark control, detonation sensor and controller, voltage regulator, fuel tank sender and heater blower motor.



Failure of the following parts – Engine, gearbox and rear axle casings. N.B Only in the event of damage brought about by failure of a covered component.



Electronic level control compressor, its sensor and limiter valve, computer dash module, electric door lock actuators, electric window motors and gears, cruise control transducer, electronic carburettor sensors and motors, electric sun-roof, power seat motor adjusting mechanism, electric rear view mirror mechanism



In order to maintain the validity of your Guarantee you must carry out normal driver checks and maintenance and have the vehicle maintained in line with the Manufacturers Service Schedule.

As proof of this you should retain the relevant invoices which must be provided in the event of a claim or provide the completed service book.

A maximum of 500 miles or 28 days either side of the stipulated mileage or time is permitted.