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Long Service Awards At Richard Sanders

17 December 2019

As the year closes, we celebrate the achievements of our employees hitting milestones in their Richard Sanders careers.

Here at Richard Sanders we pride ourselves in being a family run dealership with long-standing customers who know they can trust us to provide an excellent service both before and after buying a vehicle.

As well as providing the general public with the best service possible, we aim to do the same for our employees, which is exemplified by the number people who stay on board with us for several years.

To give back to the loyal people who work so vigorously to maintain the high standards of our customer care policies, we celebrate those who have been with us for at least five years, performing outstanding work on a daily basis.

On Tuesday, December 17th, we will be gathering round in the afternoon to celebrate the long service of a number of employees whilst simultaneously praising the individual efforts they put in to make the company succeed.

Congratulations to these group members who will be receiving the awards, they are:

Sarah Rooney Receptionist for whole group 5 years
Paul Land MOT Specialist at Renault Kettering 5 years
Max Jarret Finance controller for whole group 5 years
Chris Yates Service advisor at Peugeot 5 years
George Keenoo Accounts assistant for group 5 years
Matt Neal Technician at Peugeot 10 years
Steve Mullins Service manager at Nissan 10 years
Gary Haldane Service manager at Peugeot 10 years
Adam Tailby Parts advisor at Peugeot 10 years
Rob Elsey Service and repairs manager at Renault Kettering 15 years
Lee Clayton Parts manager for Renault Kettering 25 years
Gary Neal Parts advisor for Renault Kettering 35 years

Now, over 60% of our employees have been with the company for over 5 years which we feel is a credit to those in the garages creating a brilliant atmosphere.

If one of these employees has gone above and beyond for you, then let us know!