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Servicing at Richard Sanders | Renault | Northampton and Kettering

Richard Sanders are a family run authorised Renault dealer in Kettering and Northampton. We have a team of friendly technicians who are fully manufacturer trained. Every time you visit us for a service, we connect to the latest Renault diagnostic systems to ensure your car is getting the right work required to keep it running at its full potential. As well as thorough vehicle servicing checks and diagnosis, we will also complete a complimentary Vehicle Health Check, to examine your vehicles essential systems, and send you a technician’s eye video.



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We also carry out MOTs at both of our dealerships - and tyre fitting - so you can get all your maintenance work done in one visit. You can check with us to see when your vehicle is due an MOT. Because we only carry out the work your Renault needs, we are often cheaper than local competition and any of the work we carry out has a guarantee for 12 months. We will also wash and vacuum your car at no extra cost before returning the car to you on time – so you’ll be left feeling like your car is brand new again! You can see our prices below and fill in our online form to book in. Don’t forget that you can call our Service Team at any time for any queries you may have before booking your service in today.

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As a specialised Renault dealer, we also offer Renault Commercial Servicing and Electric Service & Repair options. As well as having focused service options for your RenaultSport vehicle too. Is your Renault celebrating its 4th birthday? If so, see our Renault Essential Servicing which is a specifically designed service programme.

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Discover our range of accessories and customise your Renault. Ask for details and enhance your car’s appearance and value at Richard Sanders.

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