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Renault Accessories

Discover our range of accessories and customise your Renault. Ask for details and enhance your car’s appearance and value at Richard Sanders.


Towing, bicycle racks, charging, storage, speakers, and more. Discover the accessories designed especially for your Renault.

Textile floor mat and door sills

Protect the floor in your passenger compartment and boot with style.


A comprehensive, customised range.

Roof bars and ski rack

Carry as much as you need, with our convenient, safe and durable towbars.

Easyflex boot protection

Non-slip and waterproof, it is perfect for protecting the boot in your vehicle and for transporting bulky and dirty items.

Rear table on multi-function system

Picnic table with cup holder, interchangeable with a hanger or baggage hook.

Lighting of the loading area

Two LED lighting rails automatically light up when the doors are opened.